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A focus on performance, employee retention, and leadership development guides every successful HR professional.  We match that focus with an event tailored to your needs, focusing on introducing applicable solutions, pioneering technologies, and relevant information in an intimate environment.  Lead your staff, company, and career to unprecedented success with HRD International Summit. We are your friend in the HR event industry.

 ~Steven Roe, Summit Director

What issues are prevalent in HR for 2014?

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Knowledge Management

We take you from knowing about solutions to comprehending the solution’s potential.  At the 2014 HR Director’s International Summit you will unravel the following topics and more:

Leadership Development and Cross-Cultural Dynamics

How to develop your leaders effectively and best strategies. Leaders who stand out from the crowd are those with exemplary communication skills. Repeatedly, communication is cited as the most frustrating aspect of a business.

  •  Including asian leadership styles and best practices
  •  Dealing with cross cultural leadership of chineses leaders in the new globalism
  • Asia meets West and understands the cultural leadership differences to create positive workforce environments for acheiving globalisation, substantial and continuous positive business performance, Progress and working as one.

People Performance and Development at All Levels: Beyond Knowledge and Skills

People development strategies to facilitate organisational change.

People performance, management and optimization as well as achieving your business objective is done through the development of your people.  We develop people by shaping their mindsets
and providing the right knowledge and skill sets. Including the currency of trust – how to gain your people’s trust. Motivating senior people and gaining their buy in for ultimate performance

Employees Seeking Engagement: More than Motivation

Employee engagement and customer satisfaction are critical to profitability, learn key strategies how people- focused management leads to company profitability and engaged employees hear real-life case studies showing how organisations can improve performance through an integrated approachto external and internal marketing, in order to maximise the engagement of customers, channel partners
and employees.

Focusing on the role customer and employee engagement plays in achieving organisational objectives. Explore best ways to engage your staff. Employees who feel that they are a part of the business and more importantly understand the corporation’s goals are more willing to commit and deliver their working best to achieve those goals.

Staffing the Skilled

Recruitment and retention strategies crucial for long term prosperity and growth. Learn and apply the best recruitment and talent acquisition strategies.  Recruitment and availability of skilled local labour will grow any business. Is integration of freelancers into your work force-best practices a potential for you? What is the impact of technology on labour? Compensation and benefits effective reward schemes that work are a balance that our attendees and speakers have found and mastered. With new markets and demographics we must deal with labour in new territories.

Predictive Workforce Planning With Today's Top Technologies

Workforce planning and how to accomplish and embed this successfully within your organization including workforce planning and analytics including insight, capability and capacity planning and the steps you need to drive performance outcomes.

Become familiar with the Talent Analytics Maturity Model and how to become predictive instead of reactive.

Meet the Multitude of Emerging Technologies for HR

Get clear on the clouds and other solutions storming the HR profession.
How can these help you to achieve more with less. Alignment of HR with your corporate business strategy. HR effectiveness and measurement.

» Optimising core HR software solutions to minimise risk, cut cost and increase overall HR business efficiency

» HR Analytics poised to transform Human Resources

» The Staffcloud: Is software becoming outdated?

» Enterprise Resource Planning for future growth of HR processes

» Benefits of Human Capital Management software in HR

From Talent Management to Talent Attraction

Find the best way to identify and acquire your talent; how to start the talent management process; creating the right definitions of what talent means for your company; and how to manage and act on results.

From social recruiting to discovering what incentivizes the leaders of our technological world, new solutions are emerging every day.

Facilitate Improvement with Mentoring and Coaching

Hone in and invest in your greatest leaders and thinkers with Mentoring and Coaching. Knowing where these best apply and how to multiply the results of such will cost-effectively transform your organisation.

Skilled coaching or mentoring should be an integral part of any management development strategy. The development of an internal process of coach / mentors will produce and sustain significant long-term benefits for the corporation. See how this is acheived for optimum results.

Coping with the Inevitable: Change

The best way to deal with change is to be prepared. Our experts and delegates are knowledgeable in predicting change and preparing for the unpredictable.

Learn how to implement Change Management and best practices for a secure strategy of change, including understanding the key drivers to pull to deliver sustainable change within the organisation.

Should They Stay or Should They Go? Keys to Retention, Succession, and Sabbaticals

Improve your Retention and Succession Planning.

No one wants to lose an employee who is excelling and who has had a great deal of resources invested in their success.

On the flip side, we all want to be prepared when the time comes that our top level executives are prepared to retire or move on.

From retaining your new talent to properly evaluating if your seasoned talent is ready to stop or just in need of a sabbatical, learn methods to manage and implement the steps needed to succeed regardless.

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