Challenges ahead?
What HR needs to know to stay in front:

Top challenges include attracting and retaining the best talent. Increased competition is offering a vast range of incentives from higher salaries and additional benefits to flexible working structures and pay dividends. What’s best you might be thinking. Together with this even more so today it’s becoming a brand strategy and if you haven’t got your employee brand effectively in place and well positioned then you could be asking for trouble. After all, why should good talent leave their current role and come to you? What is it that you have to offer that really beats the rest? What’s your employee culture like and have you really developed it? If not, your talent could be leaving you fast for the competition. The CEO strategy might well be looking at production and cost saving to answer to investors and deliver profit margins, but if these issues are not dealt with those profits could start to dwindle. How are you tackling globalization and cross border issues and workforce dynamics and developing your future leaders and how to secure the best people from different cultures and keep them. This is what the HR Directors Summit is all about helping you to make sure you see and know the bigger picture and can implement those methods to make a practical and innovative positive road ahead.

Summit key topic areas:

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